What is quilting?

Quilting refers to the steps of designing quilts or the material used for making quilts. The word quilt now refers to a coverlet designed from two or three layers of fabric containing down or wool, sewed in the pattern for preventing the shifting of the filling. Going back in history, quilt came from a Latin word ‘culcita’. In the English language, the word quilt came from the word ‘cuilte’ which is a French word.

In quilting, we have several techniques of stitches and basics used to guide you in making of quilts. The art of quilting continues to develop as seen from the ancient quilting methods giving way to more complex patterns. The art used in quilting is an essential homemaker skill that either requires making of quilts by hands, by a machine, or by using both methods.

There are lots of quilting techniques that are essential in making the perfect quilt for your loved ones. The hundreds of new terms and techniques can be overwhelming especially when making the first quilt. The simple techniques you need to know about quilting are;

Qualities of fabric
A fabric is the backbone of any quilt. In the case, you should know the fabric characteristic. The two most vital must-knows of fabric are; knowing about the fabric grain and the pre-washing pros and cons. The price of the fabric is also vital.

Develop rotary cutting skills
Skills used in rotary cutting are ideal as they enable you to know the methods of constructing templates into fabric and cutting of individual pieces of fabric. In developing your rotary cutting skills, you require to know the basic tools, and cutting safety. The basic tools used in quilting are; needles, pins, scissors or shears, pins, thimbles, safety pins, rulers, templates, marking tools, and bias bars. The bias bars are ideal for making narrow fabric strips.

Learn quick piercing techniques
Piercing techniques are essential when sewing large chunks of fabric together then slicing off sections to create pre-sewn units. One of the popular piercing techniques is quick pieced half square triangle units.

In understanding quilting, one also has to know the different types of quilting stitches. A quilting stitch involves running of a basic stitch by first inserting a needle at the fabric front part, holding a part of the back of the fabric, and finally reinserting across all the layers in a repeated pattern and process. The most common form of quilting is the hand stitching technique. The hand stitching technique enables you to obtain lovely hand-finished quilts. However, there is no specific way of a basic stitch technique as there are different styles available. Some of the quilting stitches include; the quilter’s knot and the running stitch.

Machine quilting stitches are different from the hand stitching techniques. However, combining these two processes you would definitely make a lovely quilt. The basic process in stitching using your hands involves sewing a stitch and ending where you stared from. Quilting continues to develop every single day as the new complex techniques are overtaking the ancient methods. Quilting is a fun thing to do and is now even a hobby for many people.



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